II/365  The CatWISE2020 catalog (updated version 28-Jan-2021)  (Marocco+, 2020)

The CatWISE2020 catalog. Marocco F., Eisenhardt P.R.M., Fowler J.W., Kirkpatrick J.D., Meisner A.M., Schlafly E.F., Stanford S.A., Garcia N., Caselden D., Cushing M.C., Cutri R.M., Faherty J.K., Gelino C.R., Gonzalez A.H., Jarrett T.H., Koontz R., Mainzer A., Marchese E.J., Mobasher B., Schlegel D.J., Stern D., Teplitz H.I., Wright E.L. (the CatWISE team) <Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 247, 69-69 (2020)> =2020arXiv201213084M =2020yCat.2365....0M =2020ApJS..247...69E (preliminary version)
ADC_Keywords: Infrared sources; Photometry, infrared; Surveys; Proper motions Mission_Name: WISE Keywords: Catalogs ; Sky surveys ; Proper motions ; Brown dwarfs ; Infrared astronomy Abstract: The CatWISE2020 Catalog consists of 1,890,715,640 sources over the entire sky selected from WISE and NEOWISE survey data at 3.4 and 4.6um (W1 and W2) collected from 2010 Jan 7 to 2018 Dec 13. This dataset adds two years to that used for the CatWISE Preliminary Catalog (Eisenhardt+ 2020ApJS..247...69E), bringing the total to six times as many exposures spanning over sixteen times as large a time baseline as the AllWISE catalog. The other major change from the CatWISE Preliminary Catalog is that the detection list for CatWISE2020 was generated using "crowdsource" software (Schlafly+ 2019ApJS..240...30S), while the Preliminary Catalog used the detection software used for AllWISE (II/328). These two factors result in roughly twice as many sources in CatWISE2020. The scatter with respect to Spitzer photometry at faint magnitudes in the COSMOS field, which is out of the Galactic plane and at low ecliptic latitude (corresponding to lower WISE coverage depth) is similar to that for the CatWISE Preliminary Catalog. The 90% completeness depth for CatWISE2020 is at roughly W1=17.7 and W2=17.5, about 1.7 mag deeper than in the Preliminary Catalog. From comparison to Gaia, CatWISE2020 motions are over a dozen times more accurate than those from AllWISE. Acknowledging CatWISE2020 in publications: The primary reference for CatWISE is Eisenhardt et al. (2020ApJS..247...69E). Marocco et al. (2020arXiv201213084M) describes updates for the CatWISE2020 Catalog. Please include the following in any published material that makes use of CatWISE data products: "CatWISE uses data products from WISE, which is a joint project of the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)/California Institute of Technology (Caltech), funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and from NEOWISE, which is a joint project of JPL/Caltech and the University of Arizona funded by NASA. CatWISE is led by JPL/Caltech, with funding from NASA’s Astrophysics Data Analysis Program." File Summary: File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catwise.sam 571 1000 Sample of the CatWISE2020 catalog (among 1,890,715,640 sources)
See also: I/259 : The Tycho-2 Catalogue (Hog+ 2000) I/279 : Revised Luyten Half-Second Catalogue (Bakos+ 2002) VII/233 : The 2MASS Extended sources (IPAC/UMass, 2003-2006) I/311 : Hipparcos, the New Reduction (van Leeuwen, 2007) II/328 : AllWISE Data Release (Cutri+ 2013) I/345 : Gaia DR2 (Gaia Collaboration, 2018) II/363 : The band-merged unWISE Catalog (Schlafly+, 2019) J/PASP/122/885 : Gliese cat. star/2MASS cross identifications (Stauffer+, 2010) J/ApJS/197/19 : First brown dwarfs discovered by WISE (Kirkpatrick+, 2011) J/ApJS/209/22 : SSDF survey: IRAC catalogs (Ashby+, 2013) J/ApJ/783/122 : AllWISE motion survey (Kirkpatrick+, 2014) J/ApJ/792/30 : NEOWISE magnitudes for near-Earth objects (Mainzer+, 2014) J/ApJ/805/90 : WISE ELIRGs and comparison with QSOs (Tsai+, 2015) J/AJ/152/63 : NEOWISE reactivation mission: 2nd yr data (Nugent+, 2016) J/ApJS/224/24 : The COSMOS2015 catalog (Laigle+, 2016) J/ApJS/240/33 : MaDCoWS. I. Catalog of z∼1 galaxy clusters (Gonzalez+, 2019) J/AJ/158/182 : Discoveries from the NEOWISE PM survey (Greco+, 2019) http://catwise.github.io/ : CatWISE home page http://catwise.github.io/CatWISE2020_2020_07_18.pdf : CatWISE2020 draft http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/data/WISE/CatWISE/gator_docs/ : CatWISE IRSA documentation Byte-by-byte Description of file: catwise.sam
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 18 A18 --- objID Tile name + processing code + wphot index (source_id) 20- 30 F11.7 deg RAdeg Right ascension (ICRS) (1) 32- 42 F11.7 deg DEdeg Declination (ICRS) (1) 44- 63 A20 --- Name Source name (JHHMMSS.ss+DDMMSS.s; <CWISE JHHMMSS.ss+DDMMSS.s> in Simbad) (source_name) 65- 71 F7.4 arcsec e_RAdeg [0/74.3] Uncertainty in ra (sigra) 73- 79 F7.4 arcsec e_DEdeg [0/83.3] Uncertainty in dec (sigdec) 81- 88 F8.4 arcsec ePos [-25.7/44.2] Uncertainty cross-term (sigradec) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 90- 97 F8.3 pix Xpos X-pixel coordinate in the unWISE full depth coadd (wx) 99-106 F8.3 pix Ypos Y-pixel coordinate in the unWISE full depth coadd (wy) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 108-114 F7.2 ct skyW1 [-98.2/4997]? Frame sky background value, band-1; in dn units (w1sky) (2) 116-120 F5.1 ct e_skyW1 [0.4/999]? Frame sky background value uncertainty; band-1 (w1sigsk) (2) 122-127 F6.2 ct confW1 [0/999]? Frame sky confusion based on the UNC images; in dn units (w1conf) (2) 129-135 F7.2 ct skyW2 [-99/5000]? Frame sky background value, band-2; in dn (w2sky) (2) 137-141 F5.1 ct e_skyW2 [0.7/999]? Frame sky background value uncertainty; band-2 (w2sigsk) (2) 143-148 F6.2 ct confW2 [0/999]? Frame sky confusion based on the UNC images; in dn units (w2conf) (2) 150-152 I3 --- nW1 [0/221]? Number of profile-fit flux measurements for source with SNR≥3, band 1 (w1NM) 154-156 I3 --- mW1 [0/221]? Number of profile-fit flux measurements for source, band-1 (w1M) 158-160 I3 --- nW2 [0/221]? Number of profile-fit flux measurements for source with SNR≥3, band-2 (w2NM) 162-164 I3 --- mW2 [0/221]? Number of profile-fit flux measurements for source, band-2 (w2M) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 166-177 F12.6 MJD MJD [55205/58465] Mean observation epoch (MeanObsMJD) 179-189 F11.7 deg RAPMdeg Right ascension (ICRS) at Ep=2015.4 (ra_pm) (3) 191-201 F11.7 deg DEPMdeg Declination (ICRS) at Ep=2015.4 (dec_pm) (3) 203-209 F7.4 arcsec e_RAPMdeg [1e-4/99.94]? Uncertainty in ra_pm (sigra_pm) 211-217 F7.4 arcsec e_DEPMdeg [0/99.8]? Uncertainty in dec_pm (sigdec_pm) 219-226 F8.4 arcsec ePosPM [-99.2/99.9]? Uncertainty cross-term (sigradec_pm) 228-237 F10.5 arcsec/yr pmRA [-100/100] Motion in ra (PMRA) (1) 239-248 F10.5 arcsec/yr pmDE [-100/100] Proper motion in dec (PMDec) (1) 250-257 F8.4 arcsec/yr e_pmRA [7e-4/1000] Uncertainty in PMRA (sigPMRA) 259-266 F8.4 arcsec/yr e_pmDE [7e-4/1000] Uncertainty in PMDec (sigPMDec) 268-273 F6.1 --- snrW1pm [0/1000]? Flux S/N ratio; band-1 (w1snr_pm) 275-280 F6.1 --- snrW2pm [0/1000]? Flux S/N ratio; band-2 (w2snr_pm) 282-290 E9.2 ct FW1pm [-1.2e8/2e14]? WPRO raw flux, band-1 (W1, 3.35um) in dn units (w1flux_pm) 292-298 E7.1 ct e_FW1pm [3.7e-4/3.5e12]? WPRO raw flux uncertainty; band-1 (w1sigflux_pm) 300-308 E9.2 ct FW2pm [-4.8e8/2e10]? WPRO raw flux, band-2 (W2, 4.6um); in dn units (w2flux_pm) 310-316 E7.1 ct e_FW2pm [1e-4/3.2e13]? Fit WPRO raw flux uncertainty; band-2 (w2sigflux_pm) 318-323 F6.3 mag W1mproPM [-10/27]? WPRO magnitude in band-1 (W1: 3.35um) (w1mpro_pm) (4) 325-329 F5.3 mag e_W1mproPM [0/0.6]? W1mproPM uncertainty (w1sigmpro_pm) 331-339 E9.4 --- chi2W1pm [8.3e-7/6.4e21]? WPRO reduced chi2; band-1 (w1rchi2_pm) 341-346 F6.3 mag W2mproPM [-10/25.5]? WPRO magnitude in band-2 (W2: 4.6um) (w2mpro_pm) (4) 348-352 F5.3 mag e_W2mproPM [0/0.6]? W2mproPM uncertainty (w2sigmpro_pm) 354-362 E9.4 --- chi2W2pm [2.6e-6/375600]? WPRO reduced chi2; band-2 (w2rchi2_pm) 364-372 E9.4 --- chi2pm [8.3e-7/92260]? Reduced chi squared; total (rchi2_pm) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 374-378 A5 --- pmQual Quality of the PM solution (pmcode) (5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 380-385 F6.3 arcsec Dist [0/20]? Radial distance between apparitions (dist) 387-392 F6.3 mag dW1mpro [-9.2/9.3]? W1mpro difference (dw1mag) 394-399 F6.3 --- chi2dW1mpro [0/100]? Chi-square for dw1mag (1 DF) (rch2w1) 401-406 F6.3 mag dW2mpro [-9.4/10.2]? W2mpro difference (dw2mag) 408-413 F6.3 --- chi2dW2mpro [0/100]? Chi-square for dw2mag (1 DF) (rch2w2) 415-424 F10.6 deg ELONavg ? Averaged ecliptic longitude (elon_avg) 426-430 F5.3 arcsec e_ELONavg [0.001/1.6]? One-sigma uncertainty in elon (elonSig) 432-441 F10.6 deg ELATavg ? Averaged ecliptic latitude (elat_avg) 443-447 F5.3 arcsec e_ELATavg [0.001/1.7]? One-sigma uncertainty in elat (elatSig) 449-455 F7.3 arcsec dELON ? Descending-ascending ecliptic longitude (Delon) (6) 457-463 F7.3 arcsec e_dELON [0.001/101.5]? One-sigma uncertainty in Delon (DelonSig) 465-471 F7.3 arcsec dELAT ? Descending-ascending ecliptic latitude (Delat) 473-479 F7.3 arcsec e_dELAT [0.001/105.8]? One-sigma uncertainty in Delat (DelatSig) 481-488 F8.3 --- snrdELON [0/1065]? |Delon|/DelonSig (DelonSNR) 490-496 F7.3 --- snrdELAT [0/475]? |Delat|/DelatSig (DelatSNR) 498-506 E9.3 --- chi2pmRA [0/7.3e7]? Chi-square for PMRA difference (1 DF) (chi2pmra) 508-516 E9.3 --- chi2pmDE [0/2.2e8]? Chi-square for PMRA difference (1 DF) (chi2pmdec) 518 A1 --- ka [0123n] Astrometry usage code (7) 520 A1 --- k1 [0123n] W1 photometry usage code (7) 522 A1 --- k2 [0123n] W2 photometry usage code (7) 524 A1 --- km [0123n] Proper motion usage code (7) 526-533 F8.3 arcsec plx1 [-831/569]? Parallax from PM desc-asce elon (par_pm) 535-540 F6.3 arcsec e_plx1 [0.001/53]? One-sigma uncertainty in par_pm (par_pmSig) 542-549 F8.3 arcsec plx2 [-831/504]? Parallax estimate from stationary solution (par_stat) 551-557 F7.3 arcsec e_plx2 [0.001/189]? One-sigma uncertainty in par_stat (par_sigma) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 559-563 F5.3 arcsec Sep [0/2.75]? Distance between CatWISE and AllWISE source (dist_x) 565-568 A4 --- ccf [0DHOPdhop] Worst case 4 character cc_flag from AllWISE (cc_flags) (8) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 570-571 A2 --- abf [0DHOP] Two character (W1 W2) artifact flag (ab_flags) (8)
Note (1): 'RAdeg', 'DEdeg', 'PMRA' and 'PMDE' include the correction of offsetra_ta/cos(dec), offsetdec, offsetpmra and offsetpmdec according to author's instructions and table given at: http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/data/WISE/CatWISE/gator_docs/ CatWISE2020Table120201012.tbl (table also available on the FTP); correction and note added by CDS. Note (2): Aperture/annulus measurements from the unWISE epoch coadds. Note (3): Motion Fit Solution Parameters: ra_pm and dec_pm are in the ICRS frame at the CatWISE epoch (MJD 57170.00 for the CatWISE2020 Catalog) based on PMRA and PMDec. PMRA and PMDec are clipped at ±99.99999 Note (4): Profile-fitting photometry (WPRO) is described in details here: http://wise2.ipac.caltech.edu/docs/release/allsky/expsup/sec4_4c.html#wpro Note (5): Information that may correlate with the quality of the PM solution. The format is ABCCC, where: A = the number of components in the passive blend group (including the primary) before any are removed or added, B = "Y" or "N" to indicate "Yes" or "No" that a secondary blend component replaced the primary, CCC = the distance in hundredths of an arcsec between the PM position solution for the mean observation epoch and the stationary solution. Note (6): dELON may have a bias correction for a systematic error induced by residual PSF errors that manifest themselves in ascending-descending differences. dELON is defined as descending position minus ascending position in order to have the proper sign for parallax (∼dELON/2). dELON is the straightforward difference in ecliptic longitude, ignoring the different effective observation epochs of ascending and descending scans; plx1 ("par_pm") is computed from the motion-solution positions, which are translated by WPHotpmc to the standard epoch (MJD0), so except for estimation errors, plx1 is the parallax; the plx2 ("par_stat") column is computed by using the motion estimate to move the ascending stationary-solution position from the ascending effective observation epoch to that of the descending solution, then dividing the ecliptic longitude difference by 2. Note (7): Usage codes as follows: 0 = neither the ascending nor the descending scan provided a solution 1 = only the ascending scan provided a solution 2 = only the descending scan provided a solution 3 = both scans provided solutions which were combined in the relevant way Note (8): AllWISE (II/328) contamination and confusion flag (cc_flags), one character per band (W1/W2/W3/W4) that indicates that the photometry and/or position measurements of a source may be contaminated or biased due to proximity to an image artifact: D,d = Diffraction spike. Source may be a spurious detection of or contaminated by a diffraction spike from a nearby bright star on the same image P,p = Persistence. Source may be a spurious detection of or contaminated by a latent image left by a bright star H,h = Halo. Source photometry may be a spurious detection of or contaminated by the scattered light halo surrounding a nearby bright source O,o = (letter "o") Optical ghost. Source may be a spurious detection of or contaminated by an optical ghost image caused by a nearby bright source 0 = (number zero) Source is unaffected by known artifacts.
History: Downloaded from http://portal.nersc.gov/project/cosmo/data/CatWISE/2020/ 11-Dec-2020:Insert into VizieR 28-Jan-2021:Columns nW1, mW1, nW2, mW2 added and 'RAdeg', 'DEdeg', 'PMRA' and 'PMDec' offset corrections (see Note (1)) applied by CDS from instructions and table given at: http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/data/WISE/CatWISE/gator_docs/ CatWISE2020Table120201012.tbl
(End) E. Perret, F.-X. Pineau, G. Monari [CDS] 03-Jul-2020
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