VII/190             Zwicky Galaxy Catalog     (Zwicky+ 1968)

Zwicky Galaxy Catalog Zwicky F., et al. <Calif. Inst. of Techn., Pasadena, 6 vols. (1961-68)> Kalinkov M., Valtchanov I., Kuneva I. <Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1996)> =1961CGCG..C......0Z
ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; Description: This document describes a computer version of that part of the CGCG (Zwicky et al. 1961-68) containing all the alphanumeric information for galaxies. All known errors found by Zwicky and many others are corrected as well as erroneous quotations from other catalogs (Shapley & Ames 1932, Bigay 1951, Pettit 1954, Humason et al. 1956, Holmberg 1958). It is an illusion to consider all the errors are found. There are some misprints even in the most extended list of misprints (Paturel et al. 1991). We have compiled two files: zwi_gal.ori and zwi_gal.add. The first one contains the original information from CGCG for galaxies. The second one contains the data from above mentioned other catalogs given in CGCG. We have made no attempts to supply the catalog with any new information. A detailed comparison with the machine-readable version of Zwicky galaxies prepared by R.S. Hill (NSSDC ADC #7049 or CDS VII/49) was performed. Our version contains more data on individual galaxies - designation, description, magnitudes, velocity. All galaxies in the Coma center are included. However Hill's version contains data for Zwicky fields, Palomar Sky Survey plate number as well as Mead-Luyten-Palomar number. There are 27837 different galaxies and 29418 entries in CGCG. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file zg_ori 112 27837 The original information from CGCG for galaxies. zg_add 74 1003 Data from other catalogs given in CGCG.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: zg_ori
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- ZG *[1/27837]+ Zwicky galaxy number. 7- 8 I2 h RAh Right ascension 1950 (hours). 9- 12 F4.1 min RAm Right ascension 1950 (minutes). 13 A1 --- DE- Declination 1950 (sign). 14- 15 I2 deg DEd Declination 1950 (degrees). 16- 17 I2 arcmin DEm Declination 1950 (minutes). 19- 22 F4.1 mag Pmag Zwicky magnitude. 24- 35 A12 --- Name *Name (N=NGC, I=IC). 37 A1 --- add [*] Entry in zwi_gal.add. 39- 85 A47 --- Notes *Notes. 88- 96 A9 --- Field1 *First field where the galaxy may be found and consequent number. 97-104 A8 --- Field2 Second field ...(if any). 106-112 A7 --- Field3 Third field ...(if any).
Note on ZG: Sequential number of Zwicky galaxies sorted by RA. We have followed the appropriate convention - for objects with the same RA the Dec is ascending (note that the distributed ADC catalog (ADC #7049 or CDS VII/49) does not correspond to the original ordering of objects in the fields F2 to F23 and F25). The coordinates of galaxies in the Coma cluster center are given with usual accuracy as for other galaxies. Note on Name: If the column width for Name is not sufficient, then a sign '+' is put and the continuation is in the Notes column. Note on Notes: In principle all Zwicky descriptions are kept but several abbreviations are used: c - compact p - peculiar dneb - double nebula qneb - quadruple nebula dsys - double system qsys - quadruple system g(s) - galaxy(-ies) S(s) - spiral(s) I - irregular sys - system msys - multiple system tsys - triple system Note on Field1: The polar fields are 370A and 370B. The additional regions for fields 196 and 298 are denoted as 196A and 298A. Most of galaxies in these fields are contained in other fields too. The appropriate designation of galaxies in the CGCG is according to the Field number and consequent number of the galaxy in this field. Generally, it is fulfilled for all fields with following exceptions: There are four galaxies inserted, with the same number as the previous ones but with suffix 'E' not to change the ordering in the published CGCG: F39-130E (ZG 12383=1118.6+0328), between F39-130 and 131, F41-53E (ZG 14486=1212.7+0602), F70-135E (ZG 15206=1228.0+1246), F126-8E (ZG 12073=1110.8+2226). We follow the wrong ordering for objects F42-72, 73, 74 (misprint in RA for object F42-72), as well as for F42-79, 80 (misprint in RA of F42-79) and F385-127, 128 (wrong original ordering). (Declinations of objects ZG 7786 (F264-34/NGC 2694) and ZG 7787 (F264-35/NGC 2693) are misprinted in the CGCG (as well as in the ADC version), but it does not change the ordering).
Byte-by-byte Description of file: zg_add
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- ZG [1/27837]+= Zwicky galaxy number. 6 A1 --- m_ZG *[AB] Multiplicity suffix 8- 19 A12 --- Name Name (N=NGC, I=IC). 21- 24 F4.1 mag mSA ? Magnitude from Shapley & Ames (1932). 26- 28 A3 --- tSA Type from Shapley & Ames (1932). 30- 34 F5.2 mag mB ? Magnitude from Bigay (1951). 36- 38 A3 --- tB Type from Bigay (1951). 40- 44 F5.2 mag mP ? Magnitude from Pettit (1954). 46- 48 A3 --- tP *Type from Pettit (1954). 50- 53 F4.1 mag mHMS ? Magnitude from Humason et al. (1956). 55- 57 A3 --- tHMS *Type from Humason et al. (1956). 59- 63 F5.2 mag mH ? Magnitude from Holmberg (1958). 65- 67 A3 --- tH Type from Holmberg (1958). 69- 74 I6 km/s Vel ? Velocity.
Note on m_ZG: Note that zwi_gal.add contains some objects with the same Zwicky number with A and B. These are ZG 447A, ZG 2180A and B, ZG 6227A, Z8448A and B, ZG 20607A which are components according to other authors. Notes on tP: The type for ZG 16032 according to the catalog of Pettit (1954) is longer and there is a sign '+' which means that the type continues in Notes of the file zwi_gal.ori. Notes on tHMS: The type for ZG 20230 according to Humason et al. (1956) is longer and there is a sign '+' which means that the type continues in Notes of the file zwi_gal.ori.
Acknowledgments: We are very indebted to H.C. Corwin, A. and G. de Vaucouleurs, J.P. Huchra, G. Paturel and F. Ochsenbein for discussions and supply of information. M.K. and I.K. are deeply grateful to H. van der Laan, Director General of ESO, A. Omont, Director of Institute d'Astrophysique, Paris and R. Williams, Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute for the opportunity to work in the corresponding institutes. The compilation of the catalog is partly supported by the National Research Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (contract F469/1994). References: Bigay J.H. 1951, Ann. d'Ap. 14, 319 Holmberg E. 1958, Medd. Lund Obs., No. 136 Humason M.L., Mayall N.U., Sandadge A.R. 1956, AJ 61, 97 Paturel G., Petit C., Kogoshvili N., Dubois P., Bottinelli L., Fouque P., Garnier R., Gouguenheim L. 1991, A&AS 91, 371 Pettit E. 1954, ApJ 120, 413 Shapley H., Ames A. 1932, Harv. Ann., 88, 4 Zwicky F., Herzog E., Wild P., Karpowitz M., Kowal C.T. 1961-68, Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies (6 Vols). Pasadena, California Institute of Technology
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